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Shakespearian Computer Story PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 03 September 2009 01:50
Through infinite myst, software reverberatesIn code possess'd of invisible folly.Wilt thou dare interfaceWith thy Apple Macintosh keypadBy toggling my tweaky bosom?Alack!Leave laserjet laughter to the laptop lover.Behold beta beauty in a keyboard's keen kindness.Now yet torment thy melancholy hardwareBy always vexing the amorous flameOf thine model motherboard.This tyrant widget conceals scuzzy gamesAnd pleasure treasured dear:Then kiss me.Celestial evil's idolatrous template within AOLWill deceive some cybersex usersAnd email "cancel our service."Tis a rare tongueThat many maiden bugs command,Revealing bounteous distress,Trashing bold memory:Click and crash gloriously.Weep not, beauteous Microsoft!Hereafter reboot.